Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Which Kind of service is this?
Answer: It is bulk data share service. Bulk Data resellers buy data bundle from Network providers in bulk and resell in smaller bytes to end users at a very reasonably cheap and competitive price.

2. How do I subscribe to your data bundles?
Answer: to subscribe to our data bundles, deposit money into your wallet via any of our payment options of your choice by clicking Deposit money button in your wallet panel, after which you will proceed to click buy data bundle or airtime button to buy.

3. How long does it take before I get activated?
Answer: After confirmation of payment or, between 5-10 minutes.

4. How do I know if I have been activated or not?
Answer: On activation, a subscriber receives an SMS notification from thw Network provider.

5. After activation, how do I check my data bundle balance?
Answer: Dial *461*7# for MTN and *229*9# for ETISALAT.

6. Is this a cheat or trick?
Answer: We buy the bundle directly from the various Network providers in bulk and sell at lower rates.

7. How am i sure this is not a cheat or tweak that could be blocked anytime?
Answer: This is not a cheat or tweak, we are third-party agents and we legally purchase huge amounts of data from network providers and can afford to resell at these rates.

8. Does it work on all devices?
Answer: Yes, our data plans work on all internet enabled devices, be it on mobile phones, Android, iPhone & iPad, windows phone, tablets, blackberry, computers etc.

9) Can these data bundles really last for 30 days?
Answer: All our data bundles have between 28 - 30 days validity. i.e it cannot be more than 30days and it cannot be less than 28days.

10) Do you support data roll over?
Answer: Yes, unused data can be rolled over if you top up your data by subscribing again before your bundle expires.

11) If I exhaust my data before 30 days, can I subscribe again?
Answer: Yes, you can subscribe as many times as possible.

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